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Composite Documentary Photography

Limited editions

All the prints are limited to an edition of twenty. A signed label on the back of the print gives the number and other details.


The pictures include a lot of detail and need to be quite large. Two mounting methods, which have worked well in practice, are described below

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Standard mounting

The pictures are mounted on 5 mm foam PVC board. To add strength, a simple softwood frame is attached to the back of the picture. 

Mirror plates can be attached to both sides of the frame and these can be screwed into a wall. 

Alternatively, the picture can be hung from a cord stretched across the back. 


Floating mount

With this type of mounting, the picture appears to 'float' about 18 mm from the wall and no fixings are visible.

To produce this effect, the pictures are mounted on a 3 mm aluminium composite board which is very rigid and light. Battens are attached to the rear of the board and two slotted mirror plates are screwed into these. The wall needs two accurately positioned screws which protrude enough to engage with the mirror plates.

This method of mounting adds about 20 per cent to the cost of a picture.

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Updated 15 January 2015.