Wells family history - summary

Here is a summary of our Wells family history with each generation numbered. All the places named are in England.

1. William WELLS married Bridget (died 1627 Stourton, Whichford, Warwickshire).

2. Nicholas WELLS (yeoman, born 1618 Stourton, died 1703 Ettington, Warwicksire) married 1644 Clifford Chambers, Warwickshire to Kathryn BROUNE (died 1712 Ettington).

3. Thomas WELLS (yeoman, died 1729 Fullready, Ettington, Warwickshire) married to Priscilla (died 1742 Fullready).

4. Nicholas WELLS (yeoman, born 1713 Ettington, died 1771 Ettington) married to Alice.

5. John WELLS (baker, born 1753 Preston-on-Stour, Gloucestershire, died 1819 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire) married 1780 Stratford to Elizabeth SLADE (born 1753 Clifford Chambers, Warwickshire, died 1824 Stratford).

6. Thomas WELLS (baker, born 1792 Stratford) married 1818 St Bride, Fleet Street, London to Elizabeth GORDON (born 1801 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire).

7. William WELLS (mason and bricklayer, born 1834 Stepney, London) married 1857 Wednesbury, Staffordshire to Hannah BOULTON (born 1837 Lapley, Staffordshire, died 1878 Walsall, Staffordshire).

James Wells's branch

8a. Charles WELLS (bricklayer and foreman, born 1867 Walsall married to Louisa REYNOLDS (born 1867 in Bloxwich, Staffordshire).

9a. James WELLS (horse collar maker, born 1893 Walsall) married 1915 Walsall to Clara Susanna ROBERTS (born 1896).


Richard Phillips's branch

8b. William George WELLS (brush maker, born 1872 in Walsall, died 1953 East Dulwich, London) married 1892 Camberwell, Surrey to Alice Maud BUSSEY (born 1873 in Camberwell).